Shabbos Project

Temple Israel Hillbrow Shabbos project
27 October 2018

For the small congregation of Temple Israel Hillbrow every Shabbat is special as we give the little we can afford – bread and boiled eggs – to the homeless on the streets surrounding to our shul.
For the unique Shabbat of the Shabbos Project, as part of the SA and now international the Jewish community, we were able add to our weekly bread and eggs a gift of socks for men, women and especially children!
THANK YOU to Aaron’s Rock your Socks – the Brain child of young Aaron Greenblatt 9 years who started this amazing project to help the less fortunate.
We were over awed when we realised that the Torah portion “Vayera” was the wonderful story of Abraham and the hospitality he offered to the three strangers is the bedrock of our Jewish ethics…. compassion and kindness to the “other”